Finding Inner Strength To Succeed In Life

Finding Inner Strength To Succeed In Life

My brothers and sisters, today I want to cover a very important topic. Finding the inner strength and letting it guide you towards success is crucial for achieving success in life. Not only people do not understand this, but the ones who do, have a hard time actually doing it. So, how can we do it? How can we remove the weakness inside us and start the life we always desired? Regardless of what you do, but especially in the corporate world, being lazy and not doing tasks is unacceptable. Therefore, we need a plan to go towards our career goals with strength and bravery.

Often the biggest cause of laziness and lack of enthusiasm comes from the weakness inside us. Imagine that success is like a large boulder. Would you be able to lift it if you are physically weak? You won’t. Then why do we expect with the weak mind to lift the mentally heavy tasks that require all the inner strength that we have? Because most of the times people do not even realize they are weak and that it can be a problem.

I had a client who I coached for a few months (who actually had tremendous progress) and she had a big problem at her job. She was super motivated, wanted to achieve great things, tried every single day to work hard, but failed almost all the time. She was so tired after a few hours of work, that she was ready to give up on her dreams and accept the failure. After some time of working with her, we found out that she was afraid. We were not clear at the beginning what she was scared of, but later we found out that it was the fear of responsibility, failure, and disappointing others. Only after finding the roots of her fears, we were able to work on strengthening her thoughts and guess what – She started approaching her work with more courage and things started to improve drastically for her.

Not everyone is mentally weak, but they still have a hard time dealing with work. Some of my clients are super smart, tough like a rock, but still, fail to achieve what they want. Often these people have one big problem – their mind Is chaotic like a large city during the rush hour. For that, I always recommend to stop for a moment, go somewhere and sit quietly for 30 minutes. This allows to reflect on your current situation, your thoughts and your mental state. I also recommend ending these sessions with a prayer to be grateful for what they already achieved and to ask the Lord the power to achieve even more. Believe me, it works wonders.

I also make my clients do something that they all hate, but that is the whole point of it. I ask them to do something that they really dislike and do it consistently at least 3 times a week. Do they hate calling their internet provider and ask questions? I make them do it even if they have no problem with their internet. Do they hate doing mundane office tasks? I tell them to do twice as much. Why? Do I enjoy torturing them? Of course not. What I am trying to achieve is to make them overcome the challenges that hinder their mental strength. If you can do something that you really, really dislike, imagine how easy it is to do other things that you do not necessarily hate and enjoy even.

Overcoming weaknesses, finding your inner strength and training your mental toughness will be life-changing for you. All you need to do is work on them and very soon you will see results. Meanwhile, if you have questions, contact me and who knows, we might even work together (check out my coaching page). Good luck my brothers and sisters!