About Me

Christian and CFO? What? Am I right? Hold on, hold on. Don’t run away from this page before understanding what I mean by that.

Hello my brother or sister. Thank you, first of all, to be here, reading about me. Feels nice, you know? Okay, let’s go back to me. This is the page called ‘About Me’ after all.


My name is Rinaldo Carrasco Manzanares

I’m a Christian with all my heart

and also have been working as CFO for various companies last 15 years.


I’m good at numbers and I’ve always been. I’m also good at Bible. I’ve read it many times and will probably read it many more times.

You see, I was empty around 10 years ago. I’ve had a descent job, salary, family and all that good stuff, but I was still unhappy. ‘What is wrong, Rinaldo?’ I would ask myself. ‘Is not it enough?’ I need more than money and status to motivate me. That is when I found (or I should say found again) Jesus. It helped me start living a happy life, advance my career and become the best father and husband I have ever been.


Now I want to share that combination with you and train you to be a great employee while keeping the faith. So, follow me if you are the way I was 10 years ago.