Before I even start telling you about the individual coaching I offer, I must clarify that the price I charge for it is solely to cover the expenses and pay myself enough that it is not complete nonsense in terms of business to keep doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love charity, but I’m also a businessman with a masters degree. So, I decided to offer coaching with the reduced price (much cheaper than others charging). Now that has been said:


What do I offer?


Individual coaching sessions to the Christian managers and other professionals.

Does your job feel like a burden and do you go to the office from monday to friday only to get the paycheck and enjoy your life AFTER 5 o’clock? Then you are doing something very, very wrong.
I was doing the same thing before I started using my faith to strengthen my career. Now I want to share my knowledge to you.


What you get:


Individual online sessions
We go over your schedule together
Plan the skill development
Implementation strategies of the Bible and work
How to relieve stress using your faith
How to sharpen your focus using your faith


Why Me?

20+ years of business experience

5 years of coaching experience

10+ years of CFO experience

Masters Degree in Business Administration

Ready To Start?