My Philosophy

This is the topic that can keep me writing for days and I won’t be even done. Although I won’t bore you with thousands of words about what my philosophy is. I will try to keep as simple as possible.


The human brain is capable of wonderful things. It is a true wonder created by our Lord. We can direct our attention to anything and we will achieve it sooner or later. There is no really a failure in life, but giving up too early. We are all able to get what we desire. We simply need to know how.


The problem arises when our brain is constantly on achievement mode. We get obsessed with our plans and forget why we started in the first place. Then we end up feeling empty and unhappy. That is exactly how I felt before connecting my spiritual side to my career. I want to teach you to do the same.


You see, without feeling the presence of the Lord, we get consumed by our own powers. The Christian teachings balance our mind from the extreme of the material world. It remind us what is truly valuable in our lives and how pointless it is to chase our career goals without stopping once in a while to feel our environment, ourselves and our loved ones.


So, my brothers and sisters, follow me on this journey and let us become better professionals while keeping ourselves close to the Jesus Christ.